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  • Experience the difference that Desideratum Auto Spa can make for your vehicle.

Our mission statement

It’s our mission at Desideratum Auto Spa to deliver a true 1-of-1 experience for car detailing in the Treasure Valley. The moment you call us, we will be there for you every step of the way, ensuring that your needs are met, and your expectations are exceeded.

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(208) 891-5324

  • Ceramic Coating
  • Full Car Detailing
  • Exterior, Interior, & Engine Detailing
  • Paint Corrections
  • Scratch Removal
  • Car Wash

Auto Detailing

Our auto detail services range from the basics such as interior shampooing and steam cleaning to exterior paint corrections, like swirl and light scratch removal (commonly known as Cut and Buffing, or Polishing) to Ceramic Quartz coatings, or wax paint protections.

Contact Us
(208) 891-5324
What is Ceramic Coating?

Our expert team uses the best products on the market to ensure that your car receives the best possible care. System X coatings are made with premium ceramic nanoparticles, providing maximum durability, glossiness, and shine with every application.

Satisfied CUustomers

With our ceramic coating service, your vehicle will be protected from harmful UV rays and road salt corrosion, no matter where you drive it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference that System X ceramic coatings can make for your vehicle.

Contact Us
(208) 891-5324
Contact Us
(208) 891-5324
Services include

  • Exterior Detailing
  • Interior Detailing
  • Engine Detailing
  • Car Wash
  • And more

Happy Clients

Our technicians are certified and trained ceramic coating installers and detailers who stay up-to-date on the latest industry changes. When you leave our shop, your car will look and feel like it just drove off the lot.

Why Choose Our Auto Detailing Services?

We use high-quality products and equipment to make sure that your car gets the best treatment. Desideratum Auto Spa doesn’t cut corners, and we make sure to provide our clients with practical, full-service at affordable prices.

Our team of experts takes their time to carefully clean your vehicle’s exterior and interior with a standard checklist that is customized according to the type of car you have and the level of detailing needed. Desideratum Auto Spa offers a complete package for your vehicle, and we make sure that all areas, including its engine bay, trunk, and even the undercarriage, get proper attention.

About Us

De-sid-er-a-tum means something that is needed or wanted. Desideratum Auto Spa is a local detail shop that puts the pride back in your ride. We are an automotive detailing service owned and operated by Seth Price who has a passion for clean cars. Our auto detail services range from the basics such as interior shampooing and steam cleaning to exterior paint corrections. If you’re looking for high quality interior and exterior detailing at a reasonable cost, then Desideratum Auto Spa is the place for you. We are located on Chinden and Maple Grove behind the Fuhriman insurance building. Whether your needs are as simple as periodic upholstery cleaning and detailing or urgent as a pre-sale detail that must make your car look like new, we invite you to stop by and discover for yourself how Desideratum Auto Spa can bring your car back to life.

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